On-line communication boutique agency with 10+ years of experience.

About us

Influencer.cz is an on-line communication boutique agency aimed at delivering the best in social media, PR and influencer marketing.

We can train your team, be a supervising partner of your activities or deliver full service social media management.

Our clients

The company is based on 10+ years of experience of each of the founding partners.

We always prefer long-term, strategic cooperations that address social media as a part of a bigger business perspective.

We organize monthly meet-ups of social media professionals – www.babeltalk.cz

Social media meet-ups in Brno and Prague. Simple format: 3 short presentations, experience sharing, networking. Since 2013. Babeltalk club in progress.


Setkání se konají vždy vždy jeden měsíc v Praze a druhý v Brně.

Formát akce je jednoduchý: tři krátké prezentace na konkrétní téma, tři profesionálové z oboru, odborná diskuze a networking.

Už od roku 2013.